Sports Illustrated Blog #87 – Graded Mags Expand Sales and Sellers

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With the Whales on the sidelines, our hobby, graded Sports Illustrated and SPORT magazines, is expanding in number of sellers and public auction sales.  For years the Whales have been complaining about not enough inventory, not enough sellers, not enough competition……

Complain no longer.  New sales of graded mags are routinely in the 5 figures.  Check the list of bona fide sellers of graded mags currently listing on eBay.   You’ll find 30 to 50 sellers with hot, high grade mags, each one topping the other for supreme grade.  You’ll find this month’s sold list of five figure sales topping 20 units with 100’s topping the millennium mark. 

This is all happening while the Whales sit on the sidelines absolutely refusing to sell anything in their inventory.  Here’s why – they know that we have only scratched the surface with realized sell values of graded mags.

The Whales know that 100’s of graded issues are still waaaaaay undervalued.

In my opinion, it is an extremely good sign that the Whales are not selling.  They’re betting on the future of our hobby.  Look at what’s happening – graded mags sales are hot, newsstand copies sales are hot, guys are now making informational videos, new graded sellers entering hundreds/thousands of entries into the hobby every month …. 

No more Whale complaints. 

For years, I have been predicting this movement. I hope you have stocked your collection because you are about to take a serious upgrade in value. 

I am also advising to keep buying!

We are nowhere near the top of the mountain.  My opinion and advice is to keep buying until we see the Whales start selling their best stuff.  I will keep you appraised of that and my guess is, we are a long ways away from that happening.

What an awesome time to be on the leading edge of such a great opportunity.

Best of Luck.

I hope you are enjoying the reads on the history of SI, SPORT, and TIME magazines as well as an insight into relevant magazine collecting.

Great collecting to you and best fortunes with Sports Illustrated/SPORT magazines.

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