Sports Illustrated Blog #94 – High Grade, Subsequent Issues.

Sports Illustrated Blog #94 – High Grade, Subsequent Issues.

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Collectors love Michael Jordan.  Who wouldn’t want to own every (50) SI Jordan in CGC 9.8?  Of course, we all would and there are a few collectors out there intent on making it happen.

How about Brady?  James?  Mantle?  This blog is written to put forth the premise that subsequent superstar covers have a value, a real value.  We all want to own the first issue of all superstars but there are serious collectors that want to be the #1 Registry in Jordan, Brady, James, Mantle, etc., etc., etc.

Many first covers are not esthetic, unworthy of their lofty status, or shared with other athletes.  For example, Jordan, LeBron (Slam), E. Smith, Alcindor, B Jackson, and many of the newer covers exhibit these features.  In these cases, subsequent covers may actually out-price the first cover.

That means any CGC 9.8 of these stars has a serious value.  There is and there will be none higher.  For example, many of the 50 Jordan’s, in raw, are widely available in public auctions – but in 9.8??? it’s a gamble.  The availability is the allure.  So the competition is on for the best collection.  Watch and see how the Jordan etc., highest grade buy prices trend in the near future.  My suspicion is that they will easily out pace a fast escalating market.
   Right now, subsequent covers are available at what I consider bargain prices.  The grade is the key.  Lower grades (9.6 and below) will not fare as well.  My specific reference for this blog refers only to CGC 9.8 on post 1990 issues.   Earlier vintage issues – pre 1980 – may not have a CGC 9.8 available.  For example, most of Mantle’s do not.     

Don’t automatically pass on High Grade, subsequent covers without taking a closer look.  You might be passing on gold.
Best of luck.

I hope you are enjoying the reads on the history of SI, SPORT, and TIME magazines as well as an insight into relevant magazine collecting.

Great collecting to you and best fortunes with Sports Illustrated/SPORT magazines.

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