Sports Illustrated Blog #119 on our way to #200 – Ungraded SI’S Can Be Risky But Also Big Value

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Minor shift in the value of top ungraded SI’s.  A few Ebay sellers, rather than grading their high grade, vintage SI’s, are eliminating the grading risk by auctioning raw.  Why is this important? – it’s another opportunity for collectors to add real value to their collections without having to pay the value add of graded magazines.  

Be careful however as it is extremely difficult to accurately evaluate a raw mag from a picture.  It doesn’t take much to drop your grade below 8.0 at which point the anticipated value may be below your standard. Also, CGC continues to evolve toward tougher grading standards which further reduces the 9.8 opportunity.  

The best practice is to view the raw mag in person, if possible.  

Vintage, ungraded, near mint condition mags can be turned into high value graded mags and the risk can be reduced with the proper precautions.    Whoever takes on the risk, pays less but until your mag has a grade, it is just another mag with potential.  

Also note, newer ungraded mags (1990 and newer – which include the many later Jordan’s), are just commons if they grade less than CGC 9.8.   

Welcome to the cost of age/volume.  

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