Sports Illustrated Blog #117 on our way to #200 – SportsIllustrated9.8

Sports Illustrated Blog #117 on our way to #200 – SportsIllustrated9.8

Welcome to my Sports Illustrated/TIME magazine blog – Your collector’s guide to the latest hobby updates and insight into what’s trending now.

I am SportsIllustrated9.8 (not to be confused with other eBay sites with similar names that came after me).  Eight years into guiding, updating, and advising my readers as to the fun and rewards derived from collecting newsstand SI’s, it’s time to publish the why behind company and what makes the discussions, opinions, decisions, etc., worth serious consideration.  

Within every hobby, there are collectors and there are sellers.  I’m am not a collector – I am a buyer and a seller.  Every magazine I own is for sale which separates me from the vast majority of SI hobbyists.  My 116 blogs on the subject document a chronology of our developing hobby.  

Many of the most highly appraised graded SI mags (and other vintage sports magazines) appearing on the CGC census have passed thru our business.  The largest hobby collectors have been seriously enriched by following my advice and buying my inventory.  

Until recently, I have not individually advertised the majority of my mag inventory choosing instead to limit my postings to just the most current or popular items.  If you follow me on eBay, you will see a large number of new listings, many hitting sales publication for the first time.   

For those interested, below is a quick peek as to what defines SportsIllustrated9.8 and why we make a great partner.  

1. SportsIllustrated9.8 owns the largest graded sport mag inventory in the world.

2. I have purchased over 2500 graded sports mags from CGC having sold over 1000 to collectors and investors, leaving 1500 mags available for immediate sale. I am consistently adding to that inventory because I believe in what I write.

3. The largest, most successful, most highly valued graded sports mag collections in the world were initiated by or built up as a result of their business with our company.  I’d like to thank these folks for their continued support and trust.

4. For those of you interested in further enriching your collections, there are many top graded issues still available.  My graded inventory currently includes 100 CGC9.8’s (even after having sold 50-100 previously) and over 700 issues graded 9.0 or above. 

5. SportsIllustrated9.8 now owns 12 different Jordan and 11 different James CGC 9.8’s which I’m assuming is tops or among the top compared to all other single collectors.  I am currently buying SI Jordan/James CGC 9.8’s at fair market for those interested in selling.  Write me at [email protected] and we can discuss.

6. SportsIllustrated9.8 has long been a trusted leader across the graded magazine community, registering over 3500 positive feedbacks without a single negative as well as attaining/maintaining the status of “Top Rated Seller” on eBay.

7. SportsIllustrated9.8 has the highest graded registry for vintage newsstand collections of Pete Rose, Jack Nicklaus, Stan Musial, Swimsuits, and 1954 complete. In addition, Mantle, Clay/Ali, Gretzky, Mays, Marciano, Jordan, James, Jabbar, DiMaggio, Chamberlain and Brady are each a major emphasis and all available for sale.

8. In addition to graded sports mags, we believe we have one of, if not, the largest raw collection of vintage, newsstand SI’s, SPORT, Ring, BASEBALL and misc. sports magazines.  If you need to fill in or add to your collection, SportsIllustrated9.8 is a great place to start.  

If you want to develop a relationship with a seller of graded or raw, newsstand, sports magazines or just want to build on what you have, we believe a company like SportsIllustrated9.8 is the kind of partner you can best trust to deliver to your highest expectations.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.  

Many thanks for your patronage.   Come grow with us.   I hope you are enjoying the reads on the history of SI, SPORT, and BASEBALL magazines as well as an insight into relevant magazine collecting.

Great collecting to you in our second century of blogs and best fortunes with Sports Illustrated/SPORT/BASEBALL magazines.